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Working with you

Working with you

You're looking for top talent that is committed to a long-term and progressive position in your organization. And you need someone that fits with the cultural environment. Our proven process makes it possible.

Here's how we do it.

1 Strategic Mapping of the Search and Market Research
First we get to know you. Before we can begin to match you, we need to determine what your needs are. You know best. At the start of every search, we work with you to understand your business and your human resource strategy. We identify how a candidate can complement your overall organization. During this process, we develop a detailed profile of your company and the position. We also create a target candidate profile of who you think would fit best. We conduct a market review to target individuals in existing companies who possess the experience you need. Together we map out the appropriate search strategy. By investing time and due diligence in building your profile, we can execute a highly informed and narrow search strategy.

2 Recruitment, Assessment and Recommendation
We then take our customized profile of your needs and reach out to our extensive networks. Our candidates are more than just a “database” of names and resumes. Our involvement in associations and industry organizations enables us to reach out to the highest caliber candidates – people with whom we have ongoing communications and stay connected with. Within our networks are a dynamic representation of the available talent and we know them well; they are not just a one-dimensional listing of qualifications. We evaluate potential candidates against the target profile and present your company with only the strongest and most valid candidates that exceed our rigorous evaluation criteria at every step.

3 Selection and Successful Hiring
After selecting a target sample of potential candidates, we bring them in for a rich assessment against your profiles. In addition to face-to-face interviewing, we have behavioral and skill assessments available to match candidates to your profiles. We can also do thorough reference checks, as well as criminal and credit background checks if required. When the best are selected, we provide you with detailed profiles to assist in your interviewing process. We work closely with you to manage the interview schedule and provide timely feedback from candidates as they advance through the interviewing process.

Our process is thorough and personal. Our results are unmatched. The goal of our search process is to ensure an outstanding candidate who will contribute to the long term success of your organization and to keep our candidates positive about the opportunity and the entire search experience. We do this in a way that you feel confident that we have found you the best possible employee.
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